August 1, 2021

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Fiscal Board will submit "minor" changes to the budget before the Legislative Assembly

The executive director of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF), Natalie Jaresko today warned the legislative leadership that the fiscal entity, because the Legislature did not approved the country's budget on June 25, will submit "minor" changes to the document that it submitted to the Legislative Assembly and that, if the budget is not finally approved on June 29, will impose its own with the revisions, which

Through a letter, Jaresko recalled that the original itinerary established by the Board for the Legislature to approve the budget mandated that the entire process be completed on June 24. Following a legislative request, that deadline was moved to yesterday.

"However, as of today, the JSF has not yet received the adopted budget from the Legislature," Jaresko said.

The House of Representatives approved a budget, with slight changes, for the same amount ordered by the JSF on June 24 and both the president of the Chamber, Carlos Méndez and Antonio Soto, president of the Chamber's Finance Commission, assured that the document had the endorsement of the JSF.

Jaresko validated this claim in the letter, arguing that the document was "generally consistent" with that of the JSF.

Yesterday it was up to the Senate to approve the budget, but by doing it with amendments Additional measures have forced one of two scenarios to occur: that the House concur with the changes when it meets again in session on June 29 or, if it does not, take the measure to a conference committee, which would cause a failure to meet the deadline. established p or the fiscal entity if it was approved on June 30.

Méndez has spoken out against certain changes introduced by the Senate.

Read Jaresko's letter:

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