June 14, 2021

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Flash flood warnings are issued for several towns in the north and west

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan this afternoon issued flash flood warnings for several towns due to the downpours that have been generated by the combination of humidity from a trough and local effects.

The meteorological agency established in its report that the Doppler radar detected areas of intense thunderstorms that have left between one and two inches of rain in sectors of the north of the island.

The towns under flash flood warning are Bayamón, Dorado, Toa Alta, Vega Baja and Vega Alta, until 4:00 pm

Meanwhile, Aguada, Añasco, Moca, Rincón, Las Marías and Mayagüez will be under flash flood warning until 3:30 pm

“Additional precipitation in amounts of one to two inches is possible over the region,” reported the SNM.

The meteorologist José Álamo explained this morning to The new day that the precipitation would begin in the morning with temporary downpours, but the most persistent activity would be concentrated in the afternoon.

We have thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon across the northern half of the island from east to west. Basically all that area, which also includes the metro zone, could experience rain. But the strongest activity could be concentrated in the northwest quadrant of the island ”, the expert indicated by telephone.

The meteorological agency established in its weather perspective that precisely the northern half of the island has a moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams today. Also, the central area of ​​the island to the west has a moderate risk of thunderstorms.

Álamo said that the entire area under risk of urban floods could receive one to two inches of precipitation, except isolated areas in the west where it is not ruled out that more than two inches of rain is exceeded.

Map showing moderate risk in orange and low risk of urban flooding and small streams in yellow. (NWSSJU)

“There is the possibility of urban floods and streams, as well as puddles on the roads. It does not necessarily imply flash floods, although they are not ruled out. In the most affected areas we could have between one to two inches, and in isolated areas more than two inches of rain ”, highlighted the meteorologist.

Due to the cloudiness that the trough will keep in the area, temperatures are expected to remain within the normal range for a day like today, between the medium to high 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, maritime conditions are relatively deteriorated, according to Alamo, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

“We have warning for small boat operators in the Atlantic for swells of up to seven feet. That warning will be in effect until 8:00 pm today. In the rest of the waters we will have waves of up to six feet, winds of up to 20 knots and operators of small boats are urged to exercise caution “, he pointed out.

In addition, the beaches on the northwest coast of the island remain under a high risk of sea currents, while the rest of the beaches, for the most part, have a moderate risk of sea currents.

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