August 5, 2021

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Flood warning issued for Ponce and Juana Díaz

The National Meteorological Service (SNM) issued this afternoon a warning of urban floods and streams for the municipalities of Ponce and Juana Díaz due to heavy rains that affect the southern zone of Puerto Rico. [19659004] According to the SNM meteorologist Gabriel Lojero, the warning will be in force until 4:45 pm

Likewise, the expert indicated that these downpours are a product of the daytime heat and local effects.

"Right now we are seeing that the peak of the rains is decreasing . I think that around 5:00 pm the conditions should improve "established Lojero, indicating that since the wind is from the northeast, the downpours formed in the southwest quadrant and other sectors of the interior of the island. [19659005] A flood warning means that there is a potentially dangerous risk to life and property.

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