April 11, 2021

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Flooding in the southwestern area by storm Isaías

The torrential rains associated with the tropical storm Isaías have increased in the southwest of the Island, to the point of causing floods in different towns in the area.

The director of the Emergency Management Bureau and the Disaster Administration (Nmead) of the Mayagüez region, Alberto Trabal, revealed that it was necessary to open several shelters in the area and the eviction of people in towns such as Hormigueros, San Germán and Cabo Rojo is not ruled out. .

“The situation has been complicated by the amount of rain that is falling. Shelters have already begun to open. In Cabo Rojo the Severo Colberg Coliseum was opened, in Hormigueros the new elementary school was opened and it is being considered to open one in Mayagüez soon, "said Trabal.

Indeed, a tour of the Mayagüez area evidenced flooding in the area del Litoral and in front of the Franklin D. Roosevelt residential complex, as well as fallen trees on PR-2.

The torrential rain also raised the level of the Yagüez and Guanajibo rivers, as well as several streams.

In fact, in the Quebrada Grande neighborhood, in Mayagüez, a body of water came out of its channel. According to Israel Martínez, the municipality's chief of Emergency Management, there are about 500 residences in that sector and around 5,558 people live.

The official said that at the moment no residents have been evicted. However, they sent heavy vehicles and ambulances to move people affected by the water strike. Primera Hora sources assured that residents of the area help the authorities and that this had never happened in the area.

For his part, Trabal indicated that at least 65 sectors of Mayagüez remain without electricity service, while that in Hormigueros it was necessary to evict some people in the Valle Hermosa Abajo urbanization, according to Trabal.

“One of the biggest problems we have in the Ajíes sector (of Cabo Rojo) due to the water that is falling and where they are asking for additional water pumps to be able to draw water "said the head of Nmead in the west, who recalled that in 2016 there was an episode of rain that greatly affected that area.

Early in the Tomorrow, Mayors Marcos “Turin” Irizarry (Lajas) and Isidro Negrón (San Germán) reported road obstructions due to falling trees.

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