May 10, 2021

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Floods in the sectors most affected by the earthquake in Guánica

Guánica. The Esperanza and Vista Mar communities in this municipality, two of those most affected by the January 7 earthquake and its continuous aftershocks, today woke up partially flooded by the rains and storm surge associated with tropical storm Isaías.

Shortly after At 9:00 am, Primera Hora toured both areas and observed several streets under water.

The strong waves were already entering the area of ​​the boardwalk, and on Esperanza Idrach Avenue there was sargassum carried by the current. Several garbage cans and containers of the restaurants in the area were on the floor due to the wind.

Some sewers were overflowed and others, covered with garbage.

The mayor of Guánica, Santos "Papichy" Seda, confirmed that the Floods are –until now– the main effect of Isaías in the municipality. In the area of ​​the boardwalk, pumps were activated to extract the water and calm the situation, although the rain has not stopped.

"In general terms, it is an extremely difficult situation because we are handling three situations at once: earthquakes, because it keeps shaking; the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a health crisis; and the storm, which brings us floods, rain and wind, "said Silk in an interview with this newspaper.

He said that, at the moment, city council brigades are touring the neighborhoods to identify damage.

They are also working on cleaning of roads, in areas such as the Siberia sector, Los Veteranos avenue, the La Luna neighborhood and the PR-332 and PR-333 highways.

“We have reports of power lines on the floor and a pole that fell. Those situations are also being addressed, "said Seda.

According to the mayor, the entire municipality has been without light since last night.

As for refugees, there are only two people at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt school. [19659002] “We are watching the Loco river, which passes through Guánica, and which is almost at its level. It has not overflowed, but we are monitoring it due to the rains, "he pointed out.

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