June 14, 2021

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Floods under control in Cataño

Cataño – Vivian Torres has lived her 58 years in the Juana Matos neighborhood, from this municipality. This morning, in the light drizzle, he was sweeping in front of his residence, unable to believe that his property, located a few meters from the Caño La Marla, was not flooded with so much rain deposited by the storm Isaías.

“It has not been flooded nothing, ”Torres said. "This would be awash. If we were as we were before, it would be flooded… there is too much cleaning ”the woman told Primera Hora.

This newspaper toured the municipality with Mayor Félix“ El Cano ”Delgado, who attributes flood control in the town to both the mitigation work mentioned by Torres and the suction pump system donated by the Corps of Engineers after Hurricane María.

Cataño is a town susceptible to flooding by two main factors: it is a coastal municipality and Caño La Malaria passes through its territory, receiving runoff from other municipalities such as Aguas Buenas, Guaynabo and Bayamón. This morning, Atalaya Street, in the Puntilla sector, had less than a foot of accumulated water, as did Amparo and Gómez streets, in Juana Matos.

There was some accumulation of water on the PR-5 highway, but the road it was passable in both directions.

“Those pumps carry those waters from the pipe to the sea. That's why levels are kept under control and mitigation worked faster. If we did not have those bombs, it would practically be flooded in all parts of our town "Delgado said in the middle of a tour with this newspaper.

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