June 14, 2021

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For the PPD and the PIP the message of the governor was political

The message that the governor Wanda Vázquez gave tonight at the Fine Arts Center signified the launch of her political campaign, but did not explain where the money will come from to justify the increase in the government budget compared to the budget of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF).

“We have just heard the campaign launch message from Wanda Vázquez. This is a clearly political message, it is given precisely in a theater to make a theater ”said the pre-candidate for governor of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Eduardo Bhatia, who observed the governor's message together with a ten legislators from his party in a Capitol hall.

“It is a partisan political activity paid for with public funds and the message highlights not what was said but what was not said. There was no mention that the Department of Education has just been put into syndication by the federal government and there was no mention that in three years not a single new house has been built of the 70,000 identified to be rebuilt with FEMA funds, "Bhatia questioned. .

The spokesman for the popular minority highlighted how Vázquez omitted current crises in his government such as the problems in processing unemployment payments and the delay with which the funds obtained by both Hurricane Maria and earthquakes have been disbursed. from the southwest.

"And he did not speak about the subject of" robbery and looting in the government of Puerto Rico, "he maintained.

The spokesman for the popular minority, Rafael" Tatito "Hernández, agreed with Bhatia. in which the governor's message was “political” and that the activity at the Fine Arts Center was, after all, a “meeting” of the New Progressive Party.

“We saw a governor talking about her, of her ability and credibility that he has supposedly achieved when the main problem that the government of Puerto Rico has is the bankruptcy of his credibility both on the island and outside of Puerto Rico, "said Hernández.

" And whoever celebrated that the admiral was there Peter Brown is a mockery because he came to watch over the bad administration of the government, "he added.

Hernández stressed that the government of Puerto Rico did not comply with the itinerary that the Fiscal Oversight Board outlined regarding the delivery of the budget and that is why the fiscal entity presented his first.

"It is obvious that he hunted the political fight in the stands with the Board to say that it is all the fault of the Board," he said.

Hernández maintained that a large number of disbursements in the country's budget are tied to federal funds, while the current budget falls short of $ 1.4 billion in revenue.

“The federal government gave them first and last names when talking about hospitals, what s programs and initiatives ”, he indicated. "How will you have a higher projection of spending when the budget is out of balance?" Dalmau Ramírez, Vázquez's message was political.

“There are those who resist everything except temptation. Whoever claimed to be a non-political person has turned this message into a political meeting. But all the proposals are on hold because they are subject to the authorization of the higher power of the Fiscal Control Board, "he said in his senatorial office, where he saw the message with the representative of Pipiolo Denis Márquez.

Dalmau Ramírez, for example, He criticized the governor's announcement of trying to "guarantee" basic Internet access to all Puerto Ricans, but through an allocation of federal funds of $ 760 million. According to the senator, he presented legislation to achieve the same end, but using the Prepanet infrastructure.

"So it was a message in which she said that she was looking to the future, but without seeing the need and chaos of the present such as the unemployed who did not receive the check, the lack of COVID-19 tests, the increase in infections and people in need who do not have a home after Maria, "he said.

In the case of Márquez, he said that It was "alarming and distressing" to see a meeting of the New Progressive Party for the first time in his life.

"All messages from the governors have a partisan political focus and this is the governor for the next five months. They are promises for a political campaign and the message ends by saying that in the plebiscite they vote for yes, "he said.

On the subject of health, after Vázquez announced that he would present legislation to, as she said, end" the abuses by insurers ", Márquez indicated that he has already presented legislation for Puerto Rico to operate a universal health system.

" (That is) Listen to a governor say once again that the private model of health is maintained and after all, what it says is that you have to keep passing money to private companies, ”said Márquez. "He wants to patch a law so that later the Fiscal Oversight Board does not approve it."

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