June 25, 2021

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Forensic Sciences closed for four cases of Covid-19 | government

The secretary of the Department of Public Security, Pedro Janer, confirmed that the building of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences was closed when four employees test positive for Covid-19 through the molecular test.

"During this day I was informed that four employees of the Forensic Sciences Bureau have tested positive for Covid-19 molecular tests. I immediately gave instructions for the building to be closed for 24 hours while a decontamination process is completed and the staff is subjected to the corresponding tests ", he said through written statements.

According to Janer, employees work in different areas of the NCF.

" As established in the protocols, measures will be taken so that services can continue as soon as possible. Forensic investigators, as well as personnel assigned to other areas, are remotely activated to attend to any situation that requires their attention. ", he highlighted.

Similarly, he reported that he instructed Commissioner María Conte to take precautionary measures to address any situation that is reported.

Likewise, he highlighted the process that will be carried out to clean the building .

"Today, a micro-nebulization process will be carried out with a virucidal / bactericidal product called Sparicidin. This product will be applied to all surfaces and air conditioning outlets to impact ducts and machinery. Approximately 130,000 square feet will be covered, to avoid cross contamination. "

For her part, Zelida Caraballo, Project Manager of Clean Air Contractors -company in charge of the disinfection of the facilities- explained to El Vocero that, at the moment, they are working with virucidal actions so that “the virus that it's already inside. ”

The duration of the procedure depends on the areas to be disinfected, however, due to the positives and exposure, the entire building is being disinfected. "We may be until tomorrow, until everything is completed," added Caraballo.

The facilities will be ready to receive employees again after four to six hours after completing the process.

"Then an inspection is made that everything has been taken in detail, ”explained Caraballo.

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