June 12, 2021

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Forensic Sciences performs autopsy and confirms identity of murdered nurse

The Institute of Forensic Sciences carried out an autopsy on the body of nurse Angie González Santos, whose murder was admitted by her husband, who was arrested and charged with the crime.

In written statements, the executive director of the ICF, Dr. María Conte Miller, specified that the body was scientifically identified. “The Institute of Forensic Sciences today completed the autopsy of nurse Angie González Santos. The identity of the woman was scientifically confirmed through the analysis of dental plates and her family members were notified, ”said the pathologist.

The body of González Santos was located after her husband, Félix Rodríguez Díaz, 35, led the authorities to a ravine in a sector of Coamo where he had dumped the woman’s body after killing her.

Rodríguez Díaz was charged with one murder charge and three charges for destruction of evidence. The defendant did not pay the $ 2,100,000 bond that was indicated to him, for which he was admitted to prison.

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