November 25, 2020

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Former ASG administrator is sentenced to four years and six months of probation

Miguel A. Encarnación Correa. – Wapa TV

Miguel Encarnación Correa was found guilty on 10 charges

By Metro Puerto Rico

Wednesday, October 28, 2020, at 1:25 p.m.

Miguel A. Encarnación Correa. – Wapa TV

The former administrator of the General Services Administration (ASG), Miguel Encarnación Correa, was sentenced today, Wednesday to four years and six months of probation. The decision was made by Judge Gisela Alfonso Fernández of the Court of First Instance.

According to statements by the Panel on the Special Independent Prosecutor (PFEI), Encarnación was found guilty on 10 charges, which were presented to him by prosecutors Manuel Nuñez Corrada and Emilio E. Arill García. This after reaching an agreement.

Encarnación Correa made the decision to plead guilty in five infractions to Art. 252 (illegal use of jobs or services); an infraction of Art 247 of the Penal Code (alteration of the peace); a violation of Art. 108 (aggression in its least serious form); and three charges for violation of Art. 4.2 of the Government Ethics Law.

It was reported that the former administrator of ASG restored two power generators owned by the Government.

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