April 23, 2021

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Former comptroller Manuel Díaz Saldaña: ​​the appointment of Osvaldo Soto to the comptroller is unfortunate

By making it clear that his expressions do not arise in the personal field, the former comptroller of Puerto Rico, Manuel Díaz Saldaña, described the appointment of Osvaldo Soto to the Office of the Comptroller as unfortunate, since he does not have the necessary experience to run this dependency in a position that is for a term of ten years.

“I respect the person, but I am talking about the experience and knowledge in the technical area that this position of the controller of Puerto Rico entails, in other words, for me it is not adequate, nor appropriate (Soto) for this position that is of constitutional rank and that covers all the branches of Government, including the municipalities ”, commented the ex-official who was in the comptroller’s office from 1997 to 2010.

For Díaz Saldaña, it is important that the person who occupies this position has experience in his professional practice of several years in accounting audits, since this technical knowledge contributes to the skills he must possess. “The truth is that I do not see that he has that experience, that preparation,” said Díaz Saldaña. He added that “that is why I also support the position of the CPA College, that although the constitution does not require it, that it be CPA.”

According to law number 9 of July 24, 1952, which is to create and organize the Office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the requirement to occupy this position is to have “reached thirty years of age and be a citizen of the United States. United States of America and citizen and resident bona fide from Puerto Rico”.


Another concern expressed by Díaz Saldaña about the appointment of Soto is about the ability to supervise people who are required to have strict requirements and an academic preparation to be able to work in this government agency. Requirements and preparation that the supervisor would not have in this case.

“On the Comptroller’s page, you will find the part that has to do with the people who work in the Comptroller’s Office as auditors, the requirements that require you there to be assistant auditors, which obviously requires experience, preparation, some credits, and if you do not have those credits you cannot enter the Office of the Comptroller, then I wonder, how a person who does not have that preparation and that experience is going to be supervising auditors that are required to enter the Office of the Comptroller. Comptroller take exams, meet strict academic preparation requirements? How does this person intend to come and supervise all those auditors? And from the experience I have, since obviously I can tell you that they are very complex situations with a lot of analysis, it is essential that they have the preparation “, reflected the ex-comptroller in an interview with Puerto Rico Metro.

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For these reasons, Díaz Saldaña recommended that Governor Wanda Vázquez withdraw the appointment that has already been questioned by members of the Legislative Assembly, bodies that must approve said designation.
Even, the president of the House of Representatives, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, announced that the still secretary of public affairs of La Fortaleza does not have the votes of the majority to be confirmed as comptroller.

Saldaña spent some 13 years in the Comptroller’s Office and was replaced by the still comptroller, Yesmín Valdivieso.

Soto’s appointment as comptroller was revealed today when the Governor announced the call for an extraordinary session of the legislature where, among other things, Soto would be evaluated as comptroller.

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