November 28, 2020

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Former Fajadro Mayor Aníbal Meléndez returns to the hospital

The former mayor of Fajardo, Aníbal Meléndez Rivera, returned to the hospital.

According to the station in the eastern area, Via 185 Radio, the former president is in a “complicated situation.”

Last September, Meléndez Rivera was confined for just over a month in the intensive care unit of the HIMA San Pablo de Fajardo hospital.

In an interview with Primera Hora published in October, José Aníbal “Joey” Meléndez Rivera, son of the former mayor, said that his father suffers from Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiopulmonary problems.

“He goes to a physical rehabilitation center. We want quality of life for him and for him to have mobility, ”Joey Meléndez, who now holds the position of mayor of Fajardo, even mentioned.

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