June 15, 2021

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Former mayor of Aguadilla insists that her case is still alive

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court determined today, Wednesday, that the votes by “pivazo” modality determined the contest for mayor of Aguadilla in the last elections, the former mayor of that municipality, Yanitsia Irizarry, trusts that the procedure is not the final.

In a statement, the former municipal executive said that the case is still alive because the San Juan Court of First Instance has not yet made a final decision or evaluated on their merits the legality or illegality of the votes questioned through a lawsuit. based in the aforementioned court.

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Irizarry added that the certification of accelerated procedure issued by the Supreme Court is not the end of the case since the lawsuit was filed in the San Juan Court and yet no Court of Justice has made a final decision or has expressed on whether the mixed vote questioned as an illegal vote is valid or not.

“The law is clear so I will not rest and I will take all the steps available in our legal system so that our electoral law is fully complied with. You cannot come to power with the accounting of a vote that clearly establishes our Electoral Law as invalid. We cannot forget our history and what Puerto Rico went through in 2004 when a Governor was imposed in Fortaleza by the ‘Pivazos’ and was later prosecuted in a Federal Court for corruption. That same team that worked with that governor is the same that has been promoting these votes in Aguadilla. History cannot be repeated. It is important that we understand that today’s interlocutory determination is not an award on the merits of the illegality of the ‘Pivazos’. That has not happened, ”Irizarry reacted in written statements.

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