August 1, 2021

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Former president of the AMPR will lead international organization

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SAN JUAN – The former president of the Teachers Association, Aida Díaz announced that she was chosen as president in Puerto Rico and Latin America of the non-profit organization Fathers and Families Coalition of America (FFCA).

“The global social environment is getting worse every day and Puerto Rico is no exception. It is necessary to look in depth which are the factors that affect this problem. It is not by imprisoning our youth or continuing to watch them die in the streets that we attack the social problems that afflict us. By 2019 in Puerto Rico we had 360,000 children under 8 years of age, of which 117,000 were under 4 years old. Of these, 36% lived only with their single mother, without the figure of the father. Some of these children receive support through court orders, but the courts cannot order the affection and protection that are so necessary in their lives, ”Díaz said in written statements.

According to Díaz, studies indicate that in normal situations, parents are usually present at the birth of a child even if it was born out of wedlock, but at 5 years only 50 percent of them share with them regularly. By the age of 9 it is only 10 percent.

“It has been found that these children are more likely to suffer emotional and physical abuse, drop out of school and indulge in antisocial behaviors among others,” he said.

Fathers and Families Coalition of America (FFCA) began in 1996 in Arizona, California thanks to professionals moved by their dissatisfaction with the focus and results of the services that were being offered to this population.

“Dissatisfaction motivated the creation of a project focused especially on the effects of the absence of the father in the child’s life and the support needed by low-income families who want to get out of poverty. FFCA offers professional development, training, and technical assistance to professionals and organizations that serve children and families. Today this project has been expanding and has affiliates throughout the United States reaching countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Nigeria and Bolivia, among others, ”said Díaz.

He mentioned that he will begin his work management with a training that will be offered virtually and in person for all professionals who work with children and families. This event will take place on October 29 and 30, and November 5. For more information you can contact (939) -630-9600.

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