April 20, 2021

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Former President of the EEC will face investigation by an Independent Special Prosecutor

SAN JUAN – The former president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Liza García Vélez, will face an investigation by a Special Prosecutor, after the Panel on the Special Independent Prosecutor (PFEI) accepted the recommendation in this regard made by the Department of Justice of Puerto Rico (DJPR).

In the rigorous Resolution issued by former judges Nydia Cotto Vives, Rubén Vélez Torres and Ygrí Rivera Sánchez, it is established that the record of the Report sent by Justice contains evidence to demonstrate that the allegations against the former official could be the subject of charges criminals.

The preliminary investigation report submitted by the DJPR is signed by Assistant Prosecutor III, Wanda Meléndez Santos, and Phoebe Isales, director of the Public Integrity Division.

Zulma Fúster Troche was appointed as an independent special prosecutor, and Manuel Núñez Corrada was appointed as delegate prosecutor.

The Panel establishes in its resolution that the genesis of the whole matter revolves around the hiring of a private company to carry out tasks that are supposedly established as part of the functions of several CEE employees. It is further argued that payments were made for other services provided that it is alleged did not have a “public purpose”, an essential requirement for the grant.

To this is added another series of situations regarding the retroactive payment for services rendered, without the mediation of the legally established procedure that would make it possible for said payments to be made correctly. This, in turn, led to other administrative actions, resulting in a deviation from the established procedure, with its possible criminal consequences.

Prosecutor Fúster and prosecutor Núñez have 90 days to conduct a thorough investigation.

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