June 14, 2021

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Former Secretary of Justice confirms that she was preparing to refer Vázquez to the FEI | government

The former Secretary of Justice, Dennise Longo Quiñones, confirmed today that that agency was preparing to refer the Governor Wanda Vázquez and other officials to the Panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor (Pfei), before being asked to resign last Friday.

In written statements, the former official detailed, through her legal representative Mayra López Mulero, the investigation process.

The official explained that in January, an investigation was started regarding the management of ADSEF supplies and that after preliminary evaluation of it, on 11 September In March 2020, Opfei was notified that the governor and other senior officials were the card of that investigation.

"During March, April and May, prosecutors from the Public Integrity Division interviewed witnesses, reviewed evidence and They wrote a report summarizing their findings. In June, a report was presented to me, which we discussed and reviewed, "said the former official.

It further indicated that on June 26, 2020, the Government Ethics Office determined that it had no power to inhibit itself from that investigation.

"The process of preparing a referral to the Office of the Independent Prosecutor's Panel is a complex one , requires the sending of a report, the evidence that supports it. Once the secretary and the prosecutors sign all the documents, they file. I left the documents signed, so that my successor would follow her course of action, "he pointed out. the former secretary.

On the other hand, the interim secretary Wandymar Burgos, confirmed yesterday that she stopped the referrals that an official of that agency was preparing to make before the Offei.

"I requested that the agent be instructed to deliver to the Office of the Secretary of the same. The above is in response to an interest in knowing what the reports were about and especially when said delivery was being made on the date that I am acting as secretary of Justice, "said Burgos.

For her part, the governor ruled out today at a press conference that the resignation had to do with these referrals, which she alleges does not know their content. He invited Burgos to continue with the referral process, and in turn questioned the reputation of the Pfei.

Vázquez assured today that he requested the resignation of Longo Quiñones as Secretary of Justice for his alleged "improper intervention" in a federal investigation related to irregularities with Medicaid funds.

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