April 15, 2021

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Four positives to COVID-19 in the Forensic Sciences Bureau

The building that houses the Forensic Sciences Bureau, in Río Piedras, had to be closed today to be disinfected, after four employees tested positive for COVID-19 in molecular tests, confirmed this afternoon the secretary of the Department of Public Security , Pedro Janer.

“Today I was informed that four NCF employees have tested positive for COVID-19 molecular tests. Immediately, I gave instructions for the building to be closed for 24 hours while a decontamination process is completed and the staff is subjected to the corresponding tests, "said the official in written statements requested from the agency's press officer, Kiara Hernández. .

Janer argued that according to the information provided to them, employees work in different areas of the NCF. He did not detail what type of employees they are.

"As established in the protocols, measures will be taken so that services can continue as soon as possible," said the Secretary of the DSP.

He said that forensic investigators, as well As personnel assigned to other areas, they are remotely activated to attend to any situation that requires their attention.

“In the same way, I have instructed Commissioner María Conte to take precautionary measures to attend to any situation that is reported ”Janer added.

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