November 23, 2020

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Francisco Rosado Colomer assured that disorganization does not govern the work of the EEC

Despite the fact that the general scrutiny, that there is a legal dispute and that there was even a brawl between school officials, the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), the judge Francisco Rosado Colomer, argued yesterday that disorganization does not govern jobs in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, In San Juan.

“Just because we had an incident (fight) doesn’t mean it’s the norm. We cannot use exceptions as a rule, ”he said to questions from The new day.

Likewise, he rejected that he had disobeyed an order from Judge Rebecca de León, who yesterday demanded that the EEC deliver the lists of voters who voted using the early voting mechanism.

“It is that this part, the lawyers (of the EEC) did not understand that it was an order from the judge,” explained Rosado Colomer, who must appear before the judge on Monday.

He pointed out that although the EEC will comply with the order, it understands that the judge “was misled.” “I do not agree with the sentence,” he said.

The day before yesterday, the EEC did not resume the work in the coliseum, leading to the general scrutiny, to comply with the order of the judge to deliver, “immediately” each briefcase corresponding to the schools in which the vote was voted on November 3, the list of voters who voted by early vote to be verified with another list that details the voters who requested that voting mechanism.

The order provides that a copy of that list must be provided to each college official who works at the 60 tables located in the coliseum.

Rosado Colomer assured that those lists were being photocopied and understood that this work would take until Monday.

However, he warned that if they resume the scrutiny on Monday using the mechanism provided by the judge, the scrutiny would end after January 2.

“It is impossible to finish this scrutiny before January 2 with the order of the court. There is no way. If the table officials are going to have to look for the lists to see where the one who is excluded appears, that takes some time apart ”, explained Rosado Colomer.

He said that the full EEC is evaluating how they will do it and, until the closing of this edition, it was seeking to reach an agreement between the electoral commissioners.

“I am not going to go to court to ask for reconsideration if by Monday I have all the photocopies of the lists. I can explain the consequences of the sentence for the judge to reconsider or I can ask for an appeal or a motion for compliance with order. All those avenues are open. What is the one to do? It has not yet been decided, ”said Rosado Colomer.

Francisco Rosado Colomer warned that if they resume the scrutiny on Monday using the mechanism provided by the judge, the scrutiny would end after January 2.

Asked if he was calm in his position and in control of the EEC, Rosado Colomer said “I have peace with myself and for me that is very important. I worry about my family. That one is affected ”.

Interest in the Appellate Court

In an aside with this medium, Rosado Colomer acknowledged that he is interested in being a judge of the Appellate Court, which he considers a promotion in his judicial career.

The judge requested on May 2, 2018 to be part of the Appeals Court, as confirmed by La Fortaleza. Before being president of CEE, Rosado Colomer had to update the information provided for his application, he said.

“I will wait to see what happens, but my intention is to end the scrutiny. I would prefer it to be after the scrutiny. (The Appellate) is one more step in what is the practice of law, “he said.

He reiterated that he will preside over the EEC, at least, until the general scrutiny ends. But he has not decided if he will reach the end of his term, in June 2021.

“I came here to do a job, to make an election. (I remain in the presidency of the EEC) until the scrutiny ends, yes. Then what am I going to do? I don’t know, ”he said.

Francisco Rosado Colomer reiterated that he will preside over the EEC, at least, until the general vote is over. But he has not decided if he will reach the end of his term, in June 2021.

To questions from journalists, he described as “an act of recklessness” that on Wednesday the electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Hector Joaquin Sanchez, take the microphone located in the coliseum and address the officials of his community with the phrase “army” and exhort them to stay at each work table “until the last vote is counted.”

Immediately afterwards, tempers were heated and there was a small brawl. “That is definitely an act of recklessness. They (college officials) have supervisors who can carry out the instruction. That was reckless of him. He shouldn’t have done it, ”he said.

The allegation of some college officials, including the Deputy Director of Electoral Operations, Daniel Gonzalez, is that the director of scrutiny, Ferdinand Ocasio, gave the microphone to Sánchez. González asked Ocasio to leave. González’s request joins those already made by the electoral commissioners of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC) and Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Olvin Valentine Y Roberto Ivan Aponte, respectively.

El Nuevo Día learned that the direction of the scrutiny was offered to the former president of the EEC, César Vázquez, who declined.

Rosado Colomer said that he has not yet spoken with Ocasio, who since yesterday must serve 14 days of isolation after being in contact with a school official who tested positive for COVID-19.

However, Rosado Colomer said that yesterday, when the opening of briefcases was stopped, MVC officials disrespected him.

“We are not giving what we are asking for. I was disrespected again and again yesterday (the day before yesterday) at 1:15 in the afternoon when I asked who had given the instruction to stop the delivery of briefcases. No one has asked me for excuses, “said the judge.

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