April 23, 2021

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Free Internet project for students begins in the Juana Díaz community

Aiming to promote social justice with children and young people who do not have the resources for Internet access which allows basic education, a community leader developed the “WIFI for Aguilita” project that will begin today at 7:00 am on the Parcelas Nuevas indoor court of the Aguilita community in Juana Díaz.

It was reported that Edward Raúl Vázquez, creator of the initiative, has been serving the community for more than seven years and with this initiative he continues to strengthen his mission for the development of alliances.

“We know that not all homes have this service, which makes it very difficult for them to learn. Due to this, this server has been made available to provide my technical expertise for free to establish a Wi-Fi network which can help our children in this process. The Internet service will be free with a capacity of 30 users, taking the necessary precautionary measures, ”said Vázquez.

For the initiative to be carried out, Vázquez requests the help of volunteers and that parents also register their children. So far there are 26 spaces available.

“One of the essential resources at this time is human capital and strengthening the communications system to carry out such a beautiful initiative. I also thank those who have joined and collaborated with this management, “he added.

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