November 25, 2020

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Frightened southerners by new tremors

A new sequence of tremors awakened the nightmare of thousands of citizens in the south-west of the country who left their homes last night in fear of the shaking.

Some people expressed resignation at the strong shocks, as they assure that they have become accustomed to a new way of living since last January 7, but others cannot hide the fear that invades them as soon as they hear the roar of the earth.

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This was the case with the few residents who remain in the Esperanza neighborhood of Guánica that this morning revived the terror that does not allow them to sleep in peace.

For María del Carmen Soto the new tremors awoke her agony as she lives alone with her 92-year-old grandmother, who has trouble walking.

"I got up running to look for my granny and I told her, ' Get up , get up, 'and he says' I am praying, asking God to go and go to bed', and as he ignored me, I opened the gates and threw myself into the street. But then the other one came and I said 'get up', then he got up, because she hardly ever walks and he crawled little by little to the balcony and there he was for about an hour ”said the 48-year-old woman. [19659002] It was 1:00 in the afternoon on Sunday and Soto was still in his pajamas, as he could not sleep at the possibility of another shaking. For this reason, he stayed with his neighbors on the street until dawn.

“Living in the Esperanza neighborhood is an episode because that is every time he trembles. The neighbors, the few that remain, left the houses and went with us. There are almost no people left in the neighborhood, many people have left. We sat on the little pits and every now and then he felt like he was coming back, giving and stopping, like this "he maintained. What can you expect there? What is stronger? A tsunami? And how is one going to date a 92-year-old woman who is starting Alzheimer's and does not understand and stays there, because she says that nothing is going to happen and she tells me 'I already committed myself to God and gave my sins to the Lord, forgive me for all that I have lived in this life and if I have to die inside the house I am going to die and you go away and are saved '”he reiterated with evident despair.

For her part, Carmen Luz Rodríguez Aponte assured that the tremors “make her nervous,” as she lives in an alley next to the Guánica Malecon.

“That it was horrible. I got up at 2:00 in the morning to drink two pills because I couldn't sleep from a pain that I have already at 2:43, it was, and I woke up crying, my stomach hurt, and then I called my daughter and not she would answer me and later she called me, come pa'cá, I made coffee and when boom, the other tremor "said the 65-year-old female.

It is that her residence suffered damage from the January earthquakes and had to sleep in the car for 14 days with her husband, “in the park in Lajas to water, sun and serenity; Mom, it is not easy, since the first earthquake, then I went to La Luna neighborhood to my brother-in-law's house and I was there for a month. "

" I still have a heart that makes me like this, and now I felt two here and I became hysterical, it attacks my nerves fast, I have nowhere to go "he confessed.

It should be noted that, despite the tremors that keep the southerners on edge, many families chose to visit the beaches of that town where nothing seemed to be happening out of the ordinary.

While in Yauco the panorama was uncertain, as the tremors on Sunday also stirred the fears of many residents.

we feel very strong, two (tremors) that we feel strong; the house shook, the garage doors, we were nervous, but thank God we are fine. It was a great scare because the vibration and sound that comes before it is distressing because as we lived the experience of 7, already we know what we can face "expressed Yesenia Cedeño a resident of the Cuatro Calles sector of the Susúa Baja neighborhood.

Yesenia Cedeño de Yauco

" I am concerned that one of greater intensity and that we don't have the resources to face an emergency like that. We would have to stay at home and trusting God that my parents can come and that they are safe again ”admitted the 43-year-old teacher who had 15 refugee relatives around her home for two months. [19659002] Another Yaucano, Wilfredo Rivera who lives in the Sierra Alta de Yauco sector, narrated his experience with the new remones.

“I was watching television, the television almost came over me, I was alone, and I looked, it wasn't much because it happened quickly. The thing was strong, I felt very strong, but after that I slept well "highlighted the 82-year-old man.

In Guayanilla there were few people walking on the streets, amazed by what had happened.

" I was sleeping in the cart, it was a little strong. In those moments I had awakened and it gave me a little bit of terror because only one, and so on. We will see if God helps us to pass all that bad, "lamented Aníbal Rodríguez.

Aníbal Rodríguez de Guayanilla

The 78-year-old from Guayaquil assures that he had slept in his car for about 15 years, not Find help to have a safe roof. This is how he has had to face this series of earthquakes that lurk in the southwest area since December 28, 2019.

“I sleep in my cart because I go everywhere asking for help, they ask me how much there is and they will I carry, but nothing. So I have no choice but to try to survive, and now with these earthquakes it is scary because you are alone and you do not have a family next to you, " insisted the man, who spent the day in the public square of that town.

At his side was Adalberto Capó Ortiz residing in an urbanization near the urban area.

"I feel them, but That is normal for one, because when I was a boy they used to play me when the tremors did and now I watch television. I only cry out to the Lord and say 'Lord, have mercy on us, that is the one who can do everything.' "said Capó, 78.

Adalberto Capó de Guayanilla

" I live with my family, sleeping and they didn't notice the tremors. I'm not aware of that, I'm not worried, so far the house is fine. That is written, whoever has read knows that we are in the beginning of the Apocalypse. I am always at home, when I see that something else happens, then I move. "he stressed.

Other people who walked through the playground in Guayanilla came from the Boquerón sector in Cabo Rojo where they say they felt seismic activity.

“It was very difficult to sleep because we felt the movement that was very strong and we got up. Although here, the tremor episodes are more consistent, in the area where we are we do not occur as often as before. It was a long time since we felt one as strong as last night ”highlighted Jaime Reteguis and María del Carmen García while they were touring Guayanilla with some friends, as they had planned.

Group of friends from Cabo Rojo visiting Guayanilla

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