April 14, 2021

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From international catwalks to artistic photography

Frederick Valentin in Vogue Italia

San Juan Puerto Rico – After parading on the most important local catwalks and in markets such as the Dominican Republic, the United States and Europe, in addition to starring in important advertising campaigns and music videos of world poster artists such as Nelly Furtado, Chris Cornell and Mariah Carey, the Puerto Rican model Frederick Valentín found what is his new and definitive passion: artistic photography.

That is what Puerto Rican talent has dedicated himself to in the last two years, who in addition to the aforementioned also worked as an assistant to Greg Lotus, one of the most important fashion photographers in the world. With Lotus, in addition to assisting and modeling, he worked as a co-producer, editing, directing castings and creating concepts for publications such as Vogue Italia and Russia, Beauty In, Nieman Marcus, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ Out Magazine and Vanity Fair.

“I always liked photography, it caught my attention. After a long career in the field of modeling, having settled in Spain and from there doing modeling work for world campaigns, it was time to take that next step and develop myself in the field of photography, but now seriously. As time went by, my eye developed in the world of photography. That is how my offer was born, which deals with beautiful photos to which I then work the colors with a variety of digital programs, adding or removing elements to create artistic concepts that end up looking like paintings. In some, depending on the case, I work with liquid gold or silver on canvas or photographic paper ”, he points out, explaining that his line, which he works with his partner Stephen Scarritt, is called VS Art House Collection.

He added that “all the pieces are made according to the tastes or requirements of the client and in a diversity of sizes, although at the moment the experience is that the most liked are the 30 x 40”.

Aware that in the local market there are few people who dedicate themselves to this type of artistic work and that the offer is not entirely known, Valentín has been presenting his work to friends and acquaintances. The stroke of luck came when an executive from a guesthouse located in the County commissioned pieces for all rooms and all common areas. “It is the dream of any artist, to be able to work an entire installation because it gave me the opportunity to conceptualize each room, each floor and common areas, the entire hotel by theme,” he said, noting that there are about 170 pieces in the inn. In addition to Puerto Rico, it already has clients in the United States.

“The field of fashion is exciting, but it is not permanent. The generational change is constant and you have to be aware that it is not forever. That was always clear to me. I am fortunate because in this new stage I am staying in the field, this time behind the camera and, incidentally, it has given me the opportunity to help emerging models, especially those who challenge industry stereotypes. I call them the ‘unconventional beauties’. There is a bit of rebellion in everything I do, that sets me apart, ”he said.

To enjoy and appreciate the work of Frederick Valentín go to his account on Instagram: fvphotography_3.

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