June 25, 2021

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Full reopening could take a year | Stage

The Coliseum of Puerto Rico will reopen its doors to the public on the 1st. August with the Los Rabanes concert, which was scheduled for March 20 and was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eduardo Cajina, general manager of the venue, explained that they will resume activities with small shows. The Rabanes were intended for 3,200 fans and some 1,600 tickets had been sold yesterday.

“The sale had started, we are going to provide you with relocation following the parameters. We are going to start with small events and this is going to help us for larger events, "Cajina told EL VOCERO during a virtual press conference.

The physical distance required six feet away to minimize the spread of the novel virus will allow it to host up to 9,000 people per show, when the stage is in the center. The capacity of the Choliseo is 18,000.

"There is no way at this time or date for us to hold events with maximum capacity, nor with 10,000," said Cajina.

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