June 14, 2021

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General Adjutant of the GNPR asks for order and an orientation campaign after complaints of people who were vaccinated and not yet had their turn

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The adjutant general of the National Guard of Puerto Rico (GNPR), General José Reyes requested order from the citizens this Thursday after complaints on social networks about people who are not included in phase 1A of vaccination and allegedly obtained a vaccine.

“We have to be an orderly people and an organized people. The first thing is that we need an orientation campaign, do not put the cart ahead and the horse after. We have to run an orientation campaign before penalizing people. We always talk about penalties when we have to talk about orientation and provide guidance on what the three phases are and what the stages are within the first phase, ”Reyes said in an interview with CyberNews.

He also mentioned that he hopes to open 11 vaccination centers around the Island to comply with the vaccination process against COVID-19 in this first phase.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first day that we opened here the first vaccination center of eleven that we are going to open regionally. It was a day of great challenges and also great teachings, but a great opportunity to serve, ”Reyes said.

He explained that around 1,200 people were vaccinated and concluded around eleven o’clock at night, he said.

“Operationally and humanly, it is impossible to do that type of operation seven days a week for the next six months. And we are going to be in eleven centers. In the learning process, we understand that we can serve 600 people a day, seven days a week, ”Reyes said, stating that it is about vaccinating 6,600 people a day and 42,000 people a week.

He said that once the 600 people are completed they will close the accesses and the people who have to come should come the next day. In this case, the vaccination will not take place on December 25, so it will continue on Saturday December 26.

“Understand that it is an orderly process, that it is not fair for them either to be in that parking lot, 12 or 16 hours to vaccinate you at 11 at night,” he said.

He hopes that at 3:00 in the afternoon he hopes to complete the vaccination processes for the day.

Next Wednesday two vaccination centers will open in Caguas, Centro de Bellas Artes and in Arecibo at the Manuel “Petaca” Iguina Coliseum.

“Something that we saw yesterday that health professionals from Ponce and Mayagüez attended. This center is for the metropolitan area, “he said.

In addition, the general assistant of the GNPR was questioned about the possibility of establishing some kind of registry or appointment for vaccination for each phase, he mentioned that it is impossible to put that idea into practice.

“In theory it sounds an excellent idea, in practice it is a bit complicated. The College of Surgeons has the list, but they do not have the information on who works with the doctors, “he said.

He mentioned that a call bank was thought about, but concluded that that will not work.

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