November 30, 2020

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Georgie Navarro seeks to make it a crime not to wear a mask

Georgie Navarro. Photo Cybernews

Concerns increase after incidents with tourists violating physical distance and without covering their mouths.

By Metro Puerto Rico

Georgie Navarro. Photo Cybernews

The representative of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Jorge Navarro Suárez announced the filing of a bill for make it a crime to not comply with the use of the mask .
This is House Bill 2581, with which it seeks to add a new subsection to article 6.14 of Law 20 of April 10, 2017, " Law of the Department of Public Safety of Puerto Rico ", in order to establish as criminal conduct the non-compliance with the use of masks, covers mouths or scarves in the event of a pandemic or epidemic, decreed by Executive Order by the [email protected] of Puerto Rico.
“We are sending a letter to the Governor to include this Project in the Special Session that, as has been discussed, would take place in the coming weeks. We have talked with health professionals, who have asked us to file this measure due to the increase in cases of contagion with CONAVID-19. The frequent observation of people participating in events without the use of masks has alarmed and worried us, and that is why we are making a call to the Governor so that this important measure can be approved and signed into law, ”said the Commission's also president. of the Government of the House of Representatives.
In the past few days, an increase in cases has been reported on the Island, leading Governor Wanda Vázquez to take and reverse established measures to mitigate this rise.
In the morning Today, at 10:30, Vázquez will be offering a press conference. Pending to Metro for all the details.

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