April 20, 2021

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Gian Raúl fulfills his wish to get on a cargo plane

Gian Raúl had a peculiar desire related to cargo planes and on Monday he was not only able to satisfy his curiosity, but he also got a tremendous surprise from employees of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the Aerostar company that manages it , the FedEx courier company and members of the Fire Department.

And, according to his mother Aracelis Ramos Flores the dream of Gian Raúl Rosado Ramos a boy who suffers from autism, was to get on a cargo plane and see inside. So much so that he wrote a letter asking for it to happen.

And after unexpected turns, and coordination between several people, he received the invitation for what seemed like a fantasy to become reality.

“I feel very well. I saw a giant plane. I got on a plane "Gian Raúl told Primera Hora, visibly excited, after the adventure he lived at the Airport.

His mother, no less excited and still with the expression of someone who cannot finish If she believed what she had experienced, she said that it had been a very exciting morning for her son, and therefore for her as well.

Aracelis explained that it all started when her son, who is “an autistic boy, but manageable and quite functional” and who has always liked airplanes and cars, while traveling on the freeway in front of the airport he fixed his attention on a FedEx cargo plane. Then he began to ask if they could get on that plane.

“I explained that no, that plane was to transport packages, not to mount people. That was where his uncle sent him packages ”, he commented.

His parents accompanied him on this emotional adventure.

However, Gian Raúl insisted and said that he would write to FedEx and ask them to send him a package of his favorite cartoons, the Wild Kratts brothers. His mother explained that it didn't work like that, but that packages were sent and received from other people, but FedEx was not requested.

But Gian Raúl had his idea made, and anyway he wrote to the courier company.

“I kept those letters, I never sent them. But during the pandemic he asked for an envelope and a stamp to send another letter. I told him that the mail was closed, but he insisted and told me to ask his grandmother for the envelope. Then I told him I didn't have the FedEx address and he told me to look it up on the internet. There I said to myself, well there is no escape "he said.

So his father sent the envelope by mail, and they told Gian Raúl not to expect anything, that they didn't have to answer him. “And he understood, but sometimes he would say: 'Fed Ex has not arrived', and we repeated to him that he did not expect that it would not necessarily arrive.”

But, it did arrive, a response from FedEx, via José Carmona who later made the contact for the visit to the airport.

“When the news came, we couldn't tell him until the night before. We told him that we were going to visit the airport, and we explained to him ", Aracelis said.

" But here everyone's kindness has been great, all of us looking to make him feel pleased. He was able to sit in the cockpit, in the pilots' area. He could see the cargo area. We were also able to share with the firefighters, and they let him use the truck and spill a stream of water. We went to the FedEx control office, they gave him some gifts. He also received gifts from Aerostar. They even gave him a ‘tablet’ that he is crazy to open ”said his mother.

Aracelis maintained that“ it has been a great experience. It is something inexplicable. We did not expect such a chain of so many things to unravel. He's happy. He has been able to see so many things he longed for, up close, tactile, and that is fascinating to him. And if it is fascinating for him, then imagine for us. If he's happy, so are we. ”

He even helped with the handling of a hose, thanks to the Fire Department.

“After we coordinated, they welcomed us, with all the security that the area requires, and then the world opened up. Ian wanted to see the airport and he happened. They taught us everything, where the suitcases go, where the animals go. He was able to get on the plane, sit in the cockpit. Then with the firefighters. Then he went to the control tower and they told him about the airport map, and the large and small runways. It has been something spectacular, ”she insisted, still moved by the gift her son received, who is in fourth grade at the Quebrada Grande school in Naguabo.

Aracelis explained that they had to carefully explain to Gian Raúl, to prepare him for the visit, because any situation that gets out of your routine, or if a plan is broken, or something similar, can cause a crisis, just like it happens with noises or lights. “But we have decided to treat him like any other child and that he has all possible experiences, so that he can develop independently, that his disability is not an obstacle.”

Paul Alarcón, quality manager of Aerostar, commented that at the airport They were all very happy with the visit.

He reported that he had learned from a comment on Instagram about the boy and his story that he was very excited about airplanes, so he thought about the possibility of bringing him to the airport so that he could know the cargo ship up close and take some photos. The following were some calls, coordination with FedEx, and then they called his mother to give her the news.

“Everything that could be done was done and we are really very satisfied. It is a very moving story. And you see that although he is a child with his conditions, and not necessarily with conditions, but if you have a dream, and persevere, then you can fulfill it. And here the airport community is very given to receiving children and giving them that opportunity to meet, it is something we do all the time, "said Alarcón.

“I myself had never gotten on a cargo plane and now I took advantage and saw it too. It was really a very nice experience with Gian ”, he added.

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