August 4, 2021

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González asks to remove bodyguards from politicians who do not comply with an executive order | government

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, asked the director of the Police Bureau, Henry Escalera, not to provide an escort to the political caravans that violate the executive order that seeks to prevent Covid-19 infections.

“The fact that there are candidates for governor campaigning and part of the caravans have come up for discussion and we have said and reiterated that this is not contemplated in the executive order and the candidates are called to recognize that they are in violation of a law. executive order, ”González said as he left a meeting in La Fortaleza with Governor Wanda Vázquez today.

He assured that Escalera said he would “evaluate” the approach. It is not the first time that politicians violate the executive order. During the primaries, when the governor was a primary candidate, similar proposals were made for holding events with crowds, without distancing and with people without a mask.

“This has to be evaluated. We cannot continue evaluating that the general population pays attention and the candidates for governor openly violate, with photos in all the computer media and violating an executive order ”, indicated González. “How are we going to govern the country if we do not follow the rules of the executive order.”

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