April 11, 2021

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Government Celebrates United States Independence

With messages alluding to recovery from the earthquakes that have not yet ended and drawing parallels between the declaration of war for the independence of the United States and the fight for the annexation of the island, the government of Puerto Rico today celebrated the anniversary of the July 4.

The messages of the event focused on analyzing the phrase in the declaration of independence that affirms that all men are equal and emphasizing that this equality is not repeated on the island due to the "discrimination" that, according to Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced he exercises the US government against residents of Puerto Rico.

"It is us who are deprived of the full democratic rights of other citizens in all 50 states" Vázquez Garced said. In the case of the United States, this discrimination based on place of residence sparked the war of independence against England in 1776.

"Rights are not requested, they are not pleaded, they are demanded and demanded," added Vázquez Garced, recalling that a non-binding plebiscite will be held alongside the general elections for voters to express themselves in favor or against the annexation of the island to the United States.

During the event, the absence of resident commissioner Jenniffer González was highlighted. Colón, who participated in the morning in a similar celebration organized by Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia, the adversary of Vázquez Garced in the Novoprogresista primary for the candidacy for the governorship.

The Secretary of State, Elmer Roman, assured him that He sent the invitation to the official but that, apparently, there was a misunderstanding and González Colón was unable to participate. Initially, the resident commissioner said that she was not invited to the official acts of the Puerto Rican government.

The situation marks the division that has created the primarista contest between those who support the governor and those who prefer Pierluisi Urrutia as a non-progressive candidate to the governorate. At the end of July last year, after the resignation of the then governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, Pierluisi Urrutia proclaimed himself governor, but was subsequently removed from office by the Supreme Court after senatorial president Thomas Rivera Schatz claimed that the investiture was unconstitutional. Vázquez Garced came to the governorship because, as secretary of Justice, she was the third in the line of succession to the governorate.

Originally, Vázquez Garced indicated that she was not interested in competing in the primarista race or in the November general elections. However, after three months in La Fortaleza, he changed his mind and settled his candidacy. Pierluisi, who lost the 2016 primary to Rosselló Nevares, resumed his aspiration to be the ruler of the island.

The main speaker of the official acts of July 4 was the mayor of Guánica, Santos Seda, who reviewed the suffering suffered by its residents with the tremors that have been registered since the end of 2019 and that intensified in January of this year.

The mayor assured that Guánica "is rising" from the natural disaster and celebrated that almost six months later of the most intense earthworks, the affected structures began to be demolished.

Yesterday several earthquakes were registered, two of which had magnitudes of 4.9 and 5.3.

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