April 16, 2021

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Government Ethics files complaint against former BDE president | government

The Government Ethics Office (OEG), filed a complaint against the former president of the Economic Development Bank (BDE), Luis Burdiel Agudo, for having concealed that he had a debt with the agency of $ 492,031, at the time of being appointed under his charge by former Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

The complaint indicates that the defendant violated article 5.6 of Law 1-2012, supra on four occasions by failing to report in his annual financial reports for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, a debt in which he incurred in his personal character with his spouse and that remained alive, expired, liquid and enforceable.

The defendant had the obligation to render financial reports before the Financial Reporting Audit Area of the OEG.

The OEG requests the imposition of a fine of up to $ 20 thousand for each proven infraction.

Likewise, it requests that the withholding and discount be ordered to the Department of the Treasury, to the Retirement Systems of Government and Judiciary Employees and to any other Public Retirement System, to the ELA Employees Association and the appointing authority, against the accumulated funds of the public servant or former public servant, until completing the payment of the fine imposed, in accordance with the provisions of article 2.3 of that law.

The accused party will have a term of 20 calendar days to answer the allegations of the complaint. Failure to appear at any stage of the procedure may continue without their participation.

After holding a hearing on their merits, the defendant will have the right to appear in their own right or be represented by an authorized attorney; present evidence and confront witnesses, a decision based on the official case file, and an impartial adjudication.

Burdiel simultaneously held the positions of president of the BDE and executive director of the Administration for Housing Finance (AFV) until the 25th. April 2019, when he stopped working and was reinstated to his career position.

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