August 1, 2021

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Government opens proposal for broadband expansion in rural sectors

They will emphasize areas without service, underserved or outside the Metropolitan Area

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San Juan – The executive director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF) Omar Marrero Díaz announced on Wednesday, the publication of a request for proposals (RFP, for its acronym in English) addressed to firms trained to provide fund management services for broadband telecommunications infrastructure (“Broadband Infrastructure Fund”).

“Broadband service undoubtedly provides numerous socioeconomic benefits to individuals and communities: it facilitates distance education, increases business productivity, and provides access to optimal health care. The administration of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced wants to give the people of Puerto Rico better opportunities through better and more equitable access to education, health and information, ”said Marrero Díaz in written communication.

He explained that in order to accelerate the growth of broadband access in Puerto Rico, with emphasis on areas without service, underserved or outside the Metropolitan Area, the administrator of the selected fund will carry out a baseline evaluation of the current status of the broadband service in Puerto Rico.

Furthermore, based on this evaluation, it will establish a grant program for providers of broadband services in accordance with a fund administration agreement for broadband infrastructure (“Grant Administration Agreement”).

Marrero Díaz added that many jurisdictions are investing in and promoting broadband as part of their efforts to transform their networks into more strategic assets.

In this way, the government, private companies and the general public can benefit and continue to promote economic growth in rural sectors.

“The value of broadband is essential for our modern economy, once the necessary resources are provided, this will translate into more competitive businesses and greater prosperity for our communities. In rural areas, its contribution is even more significant since it allows expanding services to citizens in a way never seen before, particularly in the areas of security, health and education, as well as other economic sectors related to agriculture ”, he said. the executive director of the AAFAF

In its role as fiscal agent and financial advisor to the entities of the Government of Puerto Rico, AAFAF monitors compliance with the Certified Budget (PC) and participates in the implementation of the Certified Fiscal Plan (PFC), approved in accordance with the PROMESA Federal Law.

The PFC for the current fiscal year 2020-2021 allocates $ 400 million to support broadband expansion efforts in areas without service, underserved or outside the Metropolitan Area, through grants to finance a part of the deployment costs of the broadband infrastructure in these communities.

In this way, the objective of the PFC and the PC of improving the broadband infrastructure throughout Puerto Rico is fulfilled.

The RFP describes the bidding process in detail. The deadline for submitting proposals is November 4, 2020. You can access the RFP on the AAFAF website at

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