January 19, 2021

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Government publishes list of shelters by municipality

The government certified 324 shelters around Puerto Rico before the tropical storm warning that the National Hurricane Center issued yesterday for the region.

They will have capacity for 42,000 people after saving space to comply with the social distancing required by the coronavirus .

The Shelters today published the shelters by municipality and their respective locations. Look at the list below:

William Rodríguez, of the Public Housing Administration said yesterday at Primera Hora that shelters will open at the request of mayors or staff of Municipal Emergency Management.

"We have distributed throughout Puerto Rico more than 25,901 cots to the municipalities and we have an inventory of 9,465 cots and, if necessary , there are an additional 10,000 that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has, "he said.

It was indicated that the refugees will be subjected to screenings that include taking temperature. In addition, they will be provided with protective equipment such as masks, face shield and hand sanitizer .

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