April 11, 2021

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Government seeks to confirm death of minor before making decision on DE | government

The approval of the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced for the classes in the public education system to be in person or virtual during the next school year 2020-2021 depends on some scientific analyzes carried out on a deceased minor possibly due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

This information was confirmed today by the Secretary of the Department of Health (DS), Lorenzo González Feliciano, during a press conference held at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, in Carolina. .

“We did not make a determination there. The final determination rests with the governor. What I want to make clear is that there is a case that is under investigation and I am not going to go into the details. The result of that investigation would give us information to direct the effort on one side or the other, "he said to questions from EL VOCERO .

At the insistence of this medium, he added that" it is a case of a minor in Puerto Rico. When we have the (results) … that case is being evaluated based on additional consultations and other scientific research being done to confirm or not. Based on that information, then we would have the discussion with the governor and the secretary of Education. ”

He added that the governor is well aware of education. “Let there be no doubt that the decision made will be in favor of children's health.”

“There is a particular case about which we need absolute information to then give (the recommendations) to the governor who makes the final decision. But the decision she makes is going to be endorsed in scientific terms by Health and it is going to be the right decision for Puerto Rico, "she said.

EL VOCERO knew that the case is that of a minor 13 years old, which had been confirmed as death by coronavirus on July 11. However, the case is under investigation.

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