April 19, 2021

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Governor Announces Expansion of Fresenius Kabi Operations in Puerto Rico

The plant began operations in Puerto Rico 25 years ago

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Strength – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel A. Laboy Rivera, announced this Monday the expansion of the Fresenius Kabi Puerto Rico facilities, in San Germán, with an investment of over $ 30 millions.

“One of the world’s leading companies in transfusion technology, products for blood collection and processing, as well as cell therapy, continues to strengthen its roots with Puerto Rico and we thank you for your trust. This substantial investment in the southwest area of ​​Puerto Rico, a region affected this year by the continuous earthquakes, is excellent news for workers in the region. Despite the challenges we face, our island offers multiple alternatives that encourage companies to reaffirm their commitment to continue operations in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, they offer new job opportunities with highly paid salaries for specialized workers in the bioscience sector ”, indicated the first executive.

The president of the division of Transfusion Medicines and Cellular Therapies of Fresenius Kabi, Christian Hauer, and the vice president of Fresenius Kabi of Puerto Rico, Eric Santiago Justiniano informed that the expansion will consist of modernizing and automating the plant to increase its capacity and competitiveness.

They will also establish a center of excellence for research and development of transfusion and cell technology, it was reported in written statements.

Of the over 30 million dollars in investment, more than about 25 million dollars will be used for machinery and technical equipment, while the rest will be for the expansion of physical facilities.

In addition, Fresenius Kabi has acquired the San Germán facilities. This is a strategic investment for the company, and a clear indication of future expansions in production levels, quality improvements, and long-term job security.

“This is a historic event for Fresenius Kabi. The transformation achieved by the Puerto Rico operations, especially during the past four years, is very clear that our San Germán operation represents an indisputable strategic advantage in preserving and increasing a presence in the transfusion medicine sector. That was the critical thinking that led us to acquire the San Germán plant and make significant investments in modernization and automation of processes, ”said Hauer.

For his part, Santiago Justiniano stated that “the operational excellence, commitment to quality, and dedication to the highest manufacturing standards of Puerto Rican workers are exemplified through this expansion at our San Germán plant. Our Puerto Rico operations are an example of the focus on efficiency and productivity. “

The secretary of the DDEC welcomed this expansion commitment by Fresenius Kabi, a company that is distinguished by its successful manufacturing operation in the complex biosciences sector in the western part of Puerto Rico.

“With the new investment, the Industrial Development Company will grant an incentive that will be equivalent to 20 percent of the total investment. These funds are intended for infrastructure and the company must guarantee the operation of the plant for a minimum of 10 years. The manufacturing sector in the biosciences area continues to gain ground in Puerto Rico and there is increasing interest from companies to expand their operations, which places the Island in an attractive position for other companies to invest and have professionals specialized first-rate. We thank Fresenius Kabi for his commitment to our Island. We will continue teamwork between the private sector and the government, for the well-being of Puerto Rico’s economic development, ”Laboy Rivera said.

The plant started operations in San Germán 25 years ago. Eight years ago it became part of the German company Fresenius Kabi. Currently in Puerto Rico, there is another plant of said company that operates in Maricao.

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