January 20, 2021

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Governor anticipates that she will sign an OE on violence against women

Photo: CyberNews

STRENGTH – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced reported that in the next few days she will sign an Executive Order aimed at the collective effort to stop violence against women in Puerto Rico.

“Violence against women is a social problem that threatens the dignity, human rights and integrity of all women; girls, adolescents, elderly women and all of them in their diversity. It is our mission to do everything in our power to clearly implement the measures to eradicate it. We recognize that violence does not distinguish between sex, race, color, sexual orientation, social, economic and religious status. However, last year, 70 percent of the incidences in cases of domestic violence in Puerto Rico were against women. We will tackle abuse, inequality and impunity. No more! It is everyone’s responsibility and a collective effort of the country, ”Vázquez Garced said in written statements.

According to the governor, the order “not only works with a declaration of the problem of violence against women in Puerto Rico, but also provides on the most important thing, how will be the supervision and participation of women’s groups and organizations integrating public agencies and non-governmental organizations for the joint work of implementation of the action plan that is expected to accompany the order. It includes strategies aimed at prevention and education, as well as the compilation of statistical data that can be used for analysis of the problem, provision of resources and establish a baseline that can be used as a measure of future effectiveness.

After representatives of several women’s organizations requested last year a national emergency declaration against gender violence, Vázquez Garced declared a national alert. A year later and with the death of more than 30 women, the claim was revived to declare a state of emergency.

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