May 13, 2021

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Governor appoints an Acting Secretary for the DE

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STRENGTH – Governor Pedro Pierluisi announced on Monday that he appointed Jesús González Cruz as acting secretary of the Department of Education.

“Today (Monday), I am appointing Mr. Jesús González Cruz as acting secretary of the Department of Education. Mr. González Cruz has been serving as assistant secretary of administration in the Department. It is essential to guarantee the continuity of services and the important work that is being carried out by our students, and I am sure that Mr. González will carry out this work with the sense of urgency and responsibility that is required at this time, “he said. Pierluisi in a written statement.

González Cruz graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica School of Law in May 2004 and has been admitted to the practice of law since 2005. He has proven administrative, legal and legislative experience. He has served as secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, administrator of the Correction Administration, administrator of the Administration of Juvenile Institutions, attorney for Juvenile Affairs (auxiliary prosecutor) of the Department of Justice of Puerto Rico, municipal secretary of the Municipality of Arecibo and executive director of the Commission on Youth Affairs of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, among others.

“In the next few days I will be completing an interview process to make a property designation to be submitted to the Senate of Puerto Rico for its evaluation and consent. Meanwhile, the work to ensure that all our children have a prepared and safe school continues without pause, ”said Pierluisi,

Elba Aponte’s nomination was withdrawn by Pierluisi

Pierluisi withdrew the appointment of Elba Aponte Santos as secretary of the Department of Education on Saturday.

“During the afternoon of today (Saturday), I was informed about the decision of the majority of the members of the Senate Appointments Committee regarding the report that does not recommend Professor Elba Aponte to be confirmed as Secretary of Education. After conversations with Professor Aponte, I am withdrawing her appointment.

Professor Aponte is fully qualified and has been instrumental in guiding the reopening of schools safely, as was done. In addition, he always prioritized the education of boys and girls in the public education system. I only have words of gratitude for your detachment and commitment to the education of our next generations. I am sure that you will continue to contribute to our people.

As for the direction in the Department of Education, I will be informing promptly who will be the interim designation. We will continue working, without pause, so that as I have said before, our schools are safe and ready for a reopening of classes. We will continue to focus on the repair of short columns and especially on the construction and repair of schools in the areas affected by the earthquakes. My commitment to education will not stop because that is where we forge the future of our Island, ”said the Governor in written statements.

According to the president of the Senate, Jose Luis Dalmau Santiago, “during the months in which Aponte has directed the agency, he has not been able to convince me that he can make the major changes that must be made in the Department of Education.”

“In a vote with 10 votes in favor and 6 against, the Appointments Committee determined not to recommend the appointment of the Secretary of Education. A caucus was held and it was determined that the report would be negative, ”Dalmau Santiago mentioned.

Public Hearing Schedule

On the other hand, Dalmau Santiago announced the schedule of public hearings of the Appointments Committee for the next 10 days.

On Monday, April 19, said commission will hold a public hearing on the appointment of Manuel Torres Nieves as Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and on Tuesday, April 20, the appointment of Ray Jones Quiñones as secretary of the Department of Recreation and sports. Both hearings will be held at 10:00 am in the Leopoldo Figueroa Room.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, April 21, the appointment of the Commissioner of the Medical Emergency Management Bureau, José Colón Grau, will be analyzed in the Miguel García Room at 10:00 in the morning.

Meanwhile, on Monday, April 26, will be the public hearing of the designated secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Ramón González Beiró, and on Tuesday, April 27, the appointment of Dr. Carlos Mellado López as secretary of the Department of Health will be considered. These views will be held in the Leopoldo Figueroa Room at 10:00 in the morning.

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