June 14, 2021

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Governor confirms start of payment of $ 600 due to pandemic

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Strength – The governor, Pedro Rafael Pierluisi, announced on Tuesday the approval by the federal Department of the Treasury to distribute the $ 600 of the second package of aid for pandemic.

“With great satisfaction I inform you that we already have the authorization of the federal government to implement the distribution plan of the additional Economic Impact Payment of 600 dollars and today the first payments are being made that will be reflected in the bank accounts of thousands of citizens for the next few days, ”Pierluisi said on his social media.

“I must acknowledge the work of the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea, and his work team, who were able to formalize the agreements with the IRS, and achieve approval in a period of 23 days after the signing of the legislation at the level. federal. There is no doubt that this aid will be a relief for many families who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 emergency and we will be diligently working to complete the disbursements in the shortest time possible, ”said the president.

As recently explained by the head of the Treasury, the disbursement would begin at the time of approval of the guidelines submitted to the federal government.

This new $ 600 federal aid will reach about 2.8 million people, either as individuals, couples or dependents, representing a total of approximately $ 1.7 billion.

Parés Alicea estimated that most of the payments, which will be $ 600 per individual and $ 600 per qualified dependent, or $ 300 in joint custody cases, will be completed by mid-February.

“In three or four weeks, 95 percent of the people who qualify for this new aid will have their money deposited or their check pending,” he said.

As established by federal law, these payments of an additional $ 600 will be received by individuals with valid Social Security, who have been residents of Puerto Rico during the taxable year and who have not been claimed as dependents on another person’s Income Tax Return. .

Under the new CRTRA law, the eligibility guidelines make certain areas more flexible for more citizens to qualify. For example, under this Distribution Plan, incarcerated individuals may be eligible to receive the $ 600 payment. No withholding will be made for outstanding debts with the Administration for child support (ASUME).

In the case of married couples, at least one of them will be required to have a Social Security number that validates with IRS protocols.

On the other hand, the secretary highlighted that the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI) will be operating tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20, exclusively in the distribution of aid, therefore, it will not be available for any other transaction , at least for 24 hours.

“Aware of the need that people have to receive the payment of $ 600, we are going to give priority to the deposit of this money, temporarily suspending in a preventive manner all the services offered through SURI. In this way, we are also protecting the system to avoid further setbacks and to ensure that we successfully meet this extraordinary fund distribution agenda. As of Thursday, January 21, 2021, SURI will be operating at capacity ”, he explained.

SURI’s interruption coincides with the filing date of the monthly Sales and Use Tax (SUT) return, which merchants submit on the 20th of each month. However, Parés Alicea indicated that both the return and the corresponding payment with this return, as well as any other declaration, notification, appeal for review or any other process or contribution payment whose expiration date is January 20, 2020, are runs through Monday, January 25, 2020.

Parés Alicea once again emphasized that most of the people who received the 1,200 dollars do not have to carry out any procedures in SURI if they maintain the same bank account, so it is not necessary for them to enter SURI. On the other hand, he stressed that there is a link available in SURI only for those people who changed the bank accounts where they received the 1,200 dollars, either as a result of the recent merger between two banks or because they opened new accounts. The link is also available for those who received the first payment of $ 1,200 by check and want to receive the additional $ 600 by direct deposit.

He explained that it is not necessary to register in SURI to change the account number. It is accessed through the link Federal Economic Impact Payment that is on the main page suri.hacienda.pr.gov and then in the option Update your Account Information. If you need assistance, write through the link Assistance in Suri which is also on the SURI home page.

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