July 29, 2021

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Governor participates in the graduation of new staff of the Forensic Sciences Bureau

The governor stressed that these personnel will be stationed at the NCF headquarters, located in Río Piedras.

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Strength – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced participated on Friday in the graduation of the academy of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences (NCF), thus adding 12 new officials to the entity.

“After five years since the last academy, eight new forensic investigators graduate. In addition, two evidence investigators graduate in training for questionable documents, and two Controlled Substances Detection Test Administration assistants, positions for which no personnel had been recruited for more than a decade. The recruitment of these personnel represents a step forward in the investigative work to clarify cases and do justice to the victims, “said the first executive in written communication.

The governor stressed that these personnel will be stationed at the NCF headquarters, located in Río Piedras.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of the NCF, María Conte Miller, explained that these new employees have specific training to work in areas with a high degree of importance because they are sensitive information.

“The recruitment of this group of experts to join our work team represents a great achievement, after several years in which the NCF went through moments of great difficulty. Forensic investigators are responsible for protecting the scenes, collecting evidence and preserving their integrity for the corresponding expert evidence. In addition, they examine the scene to generate a reconstruction that reveals a possible sequence of events. These professionals also provide guidance and suggestions to prosecutors and investigating agents of the Police Bureau, thus becoming an integral part of ongoing investigations. On the other hand, the investigators of doubtful document evidence are in charge of carrying out specialized work in the field of forensic documentation, printing, digital and multimedia evidence, firearms, tool marks and polygraphy. These specialists are in charge of, among other things, the analysis of evidence such as footwear and tire impressions, ”highlighted Dr. Conte Miller.

The commissioner indicated that the Controlled Substances Detection Test Administration assistants are responsible for coordinating and administering the tests to detect controlled substances.

These personnel report to the area of ​​Taking and Analysis of Special Tests (TAPE) and they are in charge of evaluating and verifying the suitability of the facilities where the samples will be taken in the different agencies.

For his part, the secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Pedro Janer, highlighted: “This group of specialized professionals is committed to seeking truth and justice, to bring those responsible for crimes to serve the penalty that corresponds. It is they who guard the chain of evidence so that the cases can prosper in the corresponding forums. Without a doubt, they will be key pieces for the excellent team that makes up the Forensic Sciences Bureau ”.

The NCF continues under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety until the 90-day term established in Law Number 135 of September 1, 2020, known as the “Puerto Rico Institute of Forensic Sciences Law” is completed.

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