July 26, 2021

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Governor places first stone of project in important intersection for safe turns in Arecibo

During the activity, the mayor of Arecibo, the executive director and the representative José “Memo” González also participated.

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Arecibo – The governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced, laid the first stone of a modern “T” intersection on Thursday, known in Puerto Rican engineering jargon as “cemí intersection”, which is built between the PR-2 and PR- highways. 650 of this municipality.

Accompanied by the executive director of the Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT), engineer Rosana Aguilar Zapata, as well as the mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina, and representative José “Memo” González, the first executive inaugurated this important project that, above all Its advantages provide greater safety to drivers who have to make a turn at this intersection.

“As all of Puerto Rico knows, in addition to working so that we have a modern and high-quality road infrastructure, we take safety for drivers and pedestrians as the highest priority. This project of geometric improvements in this intersection seeks, precisely, to provide Arecibo and all citizens of other towns that pass through this area, a safer intersection, which dramatically reduces the possibility of accidents, ”said Vázquez Garced in written communication.

The governor added that “we are also pleased that this important project can be completed without the need to relocate families or businesses, since it is being built in a right-of-way of the existing highways.”

In terms of the project specifications, Aguilar Zapata explained that “it is a work that covers 1.5 kilometers, from kilometers 67.40 to 68.90, and goes hand in hand with both the construction of the cemí and that of a new system of traffic lights, necessary to reinforce road safety throughout the section ”.

“Of course, this includes resurfacing with high-quality asphalt, marking the pavement, labeling, installing safety barriers, and cleaning storm drainage structures. The investment is $ 706,019 and the contractor in charge of the project is Obratec Contractor General, Inc. ”, added Aguilar Zapata, who highlighted that the work creates 18 direct, indirect and induced jobs.

This project was possible with the signature of the governor of Joint Resolution 120 of 2019 to order the Department of Transportation and Public Works to install a traffic light at the intersection between PR-2 and PR-650, located in the Santana neighborhood of Arecibo. .

During the activity, the mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina, and the representative José “Memo” González also participated, who thanked the start of this important project.

“The people of Arecibo are grateful for the important management that begins today after the intervention of the governor and the Director of Highways on this important intersection, which has been characterized by a high number of accidents. Our highways continue to be a priority for our citizens and projects like this one represent an effective response to the needs of the people and to public safety, ”said the mayor of Arecibo.

“In Arecibo we are celebrating. We are happy and happy. Today justice is being done to the residents of Arecibo and to the thousands of people who drive this way. There were people who lost relatives on this road due to fatal accidents that occurred here. And today they also promised to fix the PR650. This project is a legacy of Governor Vázquez Garced ”, expressed González.

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