April 16, 2021

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Governor requests emergency declaration to face the atmospheric system

Governor Wanda Vázquez urged everyone to be on the lookout for upcoming meteorology bulletins due to the proximity of the meteorological system that has a high probability of becoming a tropical storm in the coming hours.

He clarified that, although the system is Disordered and an eye has not been detected, the greatest impact it brings is expected to be from rains, which could cause flash floods and landslides.

According to reports from the National Weather Service (SNM) they are forecast 3 to 6 inches of rain across the Island with larger amounts, 8 to 10 inches, in areas of the Cordillera Central, Sierra de Luquillo, and Sierra de Cayey.

The system should begin to affect Puerto Rico since the evening of Wednesday.

The governor particularly urged people living in flood areas to move to shelters in time to avoid being in danger. [1 9659002] Among the measures that she announced that have been taken to face the threat of this atmospheric system, the governor mentioned:

-A request was made to President Donald Trump for an emergency declaration with which he may request reimbursement of emergency preparedness expenses by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

-The list of shelters was updated and given to the mayors. The list includes the administrator of each refuge and the information to contact them. That list will also be made available on the social media pages of the agencies and municipalities.

-According to the Department of Housing, there are 324 shelters available, in all municipalities, with a capacity for 41,276 people, maintaining social distance. Shelters that have an electric generator and a cistern will be used first.

-More than 25,000 cots were delivered and there are tens of thousands more available.

-There are supplies of protective equipment (face masks, face covers, sanitizer hands) for those who have to go to shelters.

-The Department of Education has rations for 200,000 people for 30 days. And the Department of the Family has another 4.7 million pounds of food, including 6,000 boxes of food already prepared and ready to be distributed.

-In coordination with the National Guard, there are 6 supply distribution centers available and activated. [19659002] -The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) issued price freeze orders on various items such as food, basic necessities, gasoline, gas, items related to COVID-19, cisterns, storm flats, power plants, among others.

-Agreements were signed with 20 municipalities to remove debris and open roads, if necessary.

-The boat service of the Maritime Transport Authority (ATM) will cease operations from tomorrow. Only the Isleño vessel will be operating, as long as the weather conditions allow it.

-The vessels were called to stay in port, as maritime conditions are expected to worsen.

-The curfew remains in effect , but if someone needs to move somewhere after 10:00 pm for reasons of the emergency, it will be able to do so without consequences.

-Public employees who are working in person on Wednesday morning will only work until noon, so that they can then go home to prepare.

The governor called to keep calm down and have emergency plans ready, and reiterated the exhortation, “If you live in a floodplain, move to a shelter.”

At 5:00 am Wednesday, the National Hurricane Service is expected to issue a new bulletin, after a hurricane hunter plane flies over the system to offer more updated information on the atmospheric phenomenon.

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