June 12, 2021

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Governor signs order to equalize rights of officials appointed by governors to all public employees

This action was requested by the OATRH of the government of Puerto Rico

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Strength – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced signed Executive Order 2020-095 on Tuesday to amend administrative bulletin 2018-020 so that officials appointed by governors accrue the same hours on their vacation and sick leave as others public employees, complying with the provisions of Law 26 of 2017, known as the Law of Compliance with the Fiscal Plan.

This action was requested by the Office of Administration and Transformation of Human Resources (OATRH) of the government of Puerto Rico.

“This order seeks to equate the right of all officials have with public employees appointed by the governors. It was requested by OATRH to comply with the uniformity that Law 26 seeks, which makes it necessary to amend the 2018 order so that the officials appointed by the governor accumulate the same hours on their vacation and sick leave, starting January 2020. This is an act of justice and equity ”, stated the first executive in written statements.

This, since after the reduction of days to public employees, bulletin 2018-020 was signed to equalize the conditions to those appointed by the governor, but since the public employees were restored, those that specifically they are appointed by the governors.

Now, the gap is corrected with what was approved by Law 176-2019, when, considering the negative impact of the reduction of vacation and sick leave for public employees in 2017, the previous scheme for the accumulation of these benefits was returned .

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