January 20, 2021

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Governor visits refugees and community in the south

“This pothole that is here is mine, with all due respect I tell you. This pothole is my pothole. ”

That is how Anthony Espinal, a neighbor of the El Faro community in Guayanilla, responded when he received the visit of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, who this afternoon arrived in several southern towns to monitor the preparations before the atmospheric event that is coming.

In her visit, the president was able to confirm how this community in Guayaquil has been affected since the earthquakes of January 7, since water settled in its streets, patios and has entered its residences; situation that endangers more than 50 families.

Although the immediate thing would be to relocate them to the official shelter or the home of a relative in the face of the projected rains due to the potential cyclone, as the Municipal Government has attempted since yesterday, they could be relocated in a permanent home, so accept it.

“There are families who want to leave, there are families who do not want to leave. So what we did was that we talked to the mayor so that they could take a census and we would see what housing is available from Public Housing and from the Department of Housing, what are the alternatives that they can choose, "said Vázquez Garced. [19659002] “For example, the law that we recently signed where the portfolio of foreclosed homes for housing financing that exists throughout Puerto Rico. Perhaps there is one in Guayanilla, but in neighboring towns so that they can have a secure roof; that when they go to bed they are not waiting for their house to flood, "he added.

However, Espinal warned that it would not be easy to leave the place where he grew up and where he has raised his children. [19659002] “We played ball, we ran a motor because we couldn't run a motor on the street. Now I take a kayak with my children and I'm going to run around because I can't wait to be helped. I tell you, and whoever wants to listen, listen, I'm not leaving here to go into a hamlet, not because I don't want to be a part of … but, to leave what is mine … ", he confessed.

" He has pothole, nobody likes to get packed, but this pothole that is here is mine. You are the governor, but with all due respect you are also limited. But I do thank you, even if you tell me that in the Indios neighborhood there is a piece of land that has 100 trees, or even if it has a thousand trees, but I take out a thousand trees to make my house, "stressed the Guayaquil while the governor mentioned that it is "For the Board (of Fiscal Supervision) that does not let us or spend".

For his part, the mayor Nelson Torres Yordán, highlighted the idiosyncrasy of that community where entire generations have grown.

" We have residents who have been here as recently as one year, but we also have people who have lived a lifetime, generations who have been raised here in the Faro area. It would be a complete detachment of everything that is its roots and it has not been easy, but the vast majority are in a position to move because everything that remains towards the sea area, right now everything is under water, "he said.

“The change is significant, not counting some atmospheric event that may turn the tide up and they can then put their property at risk. So the mayor surely has a shelter because there is an event like this and he already has people in the shelter and the possibility that all these residents should the rains begin, "said the governor.

Likewise, Torres Yordán detailed other communities that require special attention since the telluric events of January.

“We also have problems in Playa de Guayanilla, Los Caños, because everything is well down with the earthquake of 7. Here it continues to tremble and we have a concern What can happen if there is a major event in this whole area? All tours in water here in our town, "said the municipal executive.

The secretary of the Department of Housing, Luis Carlos Fernández Trinchet, also traveled to the south, which revealed what are the alternatives for the victims of the earthquakes who are now more vulnerable in hurricane season.

"If there is no housing in Guayanilla, but I want to go to Ponce as the mayor mentions, or I want to go somewhere else, simply because they choose.

The only ones two municipalities that have requested housing are Ponce and Yauco and we are already in talks with Ponce and Yauco to transfer the homes they are requesting, "he said.

Another of the residents of the El Faro sector, Robinson Vega Zapata, was willing to move to another place, visibly monopolized by the tide.

“It is not easy, this has happened several times and they have not done anything, well, but the mayor here is doing his best, but he needs help from the pres Idente, that they support it.

My little house is taking a little water, not as much as here, but if they offer me a better place than this, I am leaving, "he admitted.

On the other hand, Vázquez Garced also he visited the Guánica and Guayanilla refuges; the latter at the Gloria Borrero school in the Macaná neighborhood.

There he spoke with several people who chose to shelter and protect themselves from the rains expected in the next few hours.

Before saying goodbye, one of the refugees asked the governor and the mayor of Guayanilla to come over to pray for them. They did so.

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