November 30, 2020

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Governor visits the Mayagüez Zoo | government

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced made a tour of the Puerto Rico Zoo, doctor Juan Rivero in Mayagüez in the company of the secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA), Rafael Machargo Maldonado, the mayor of the municipality of Mayagüez, José Guillermo Rodríguez, and the rector of the University of Puerto Rico's Mayagüez Campus, Agustín Rullán Toro, to learn first-hand about the state of the animals that are housed there and the progress of the work being carried out at the zoo.

“During the tour of the zoo, I was able to observe the good condition of the animals and the progress of the maintenance works that are being carried out thanks to the efforts of the staff of the National Parks Program and the DRNA, as well as that of countless volunteers who have put all their efforts and dedication into returning it to its state prior to the passage of Hurricane Maria, "said the governor

This will not be the only inspection of the zoo, and together with her team, the first executive will continue to evaluate the welfare of all species that still remain in the zoo. In this sense, the progress of the work, the condition of the animals and the strategies to improve their quality of life will continue to be evaluated. You will continue to listen to the different sectors, recognizing that there may be very good alternatives for the future of this facility and its inhabitants.

The Mayagüez Zoo currently houses 280 animals of different species including elephants, hippos, lions, rhinos, camels, chimpanzees , Madagascar lemurs, chattering, cougars, lazy bear, alligators, snakes, ocelot, coati; reptiles such as tegu, birds such as the bald eagle of North America, parrot of Puerto Rico, various species of owls, and kangaroo of Australia.

“Since the zoo was transferred to the DRNA in 2019, our priority has been to focus on in maintaining and caring for animals and having the necessary food for their diet. As for maintenance work, we have focused on keeping the roads and exhibits of each of the animals in good condition, "Machargo Maldonado reported.

For his part, the mayor of Mayagüez, José Guillermo Rodríguez expressed: “I thank the governor for her visit to the city and the openness of her government to attend to the needs that have been neglected for years. We talked about the importance of the Zoo to Mayagüez and I was very happy to hear that it recognizes this important educational and scientific asset for the municipality and for Puerto Rico. ”

The zoo thrives on its own funds, generated mainly through the collection of the entrance, income that has been seriously affected due to its closure due to the damage caused by Hurricane María.

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