August 1, 2021

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Governor Wanda Vázquez invites Pierluisi to La Fortaleza

Photo: CyberNews

STRENGTH – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced congratulated Governor-elect Pedro Pierluisi and each candidate who received the favor of the people on Tuesday night.

“The sovereign people having expressed themselves at the polls, it is up to us to be facilitators of an adequate and effective transition process, so that the new government can continue working for a better Puerto Rico,” Vázquez Garced said in written statements.

“I contacted Governor-elect Pierluisi by telephone to congratulate him and I have invited him to meet tomorrow (today) Wednesday, November 4 in La Fortaleza at 11:00 in the morning,” added the first executive.

In this way, the Governor opens the doors of the Santa Catalina Palace to her successor to share impressions before the beginning of the transition process, which begins after the winner of the electoral contest is officially certified.

Prior to this date, Vázquez Garced had expressed being ready to comply with Law 51-2020 and inform Congress of the result of the plebiscite. To do this, he announced that he will meet with Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González on Thursday morning to continue the exchange of views and to finalize details on the processes that are outlined so that the mandate of the people is recognized in Washington, DC

Vázquez Garced also recognized the work of electoral officials, as well as citizen participation in the electoral process.

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