May 14, 2021

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Graduated from RUM obtains management position from Rutgers University

Professor Richard Alomar, a graduate of the class of 1982 from the Mayagüez Campus (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), was recently appointed director of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

His solid professional career, which began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the College, was completed with a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University (LSU), degrees that, added to his experience in the labor field and teaching, made him worthy of the appointment.

“I was appointed director of the Department that has three lines: the baccalaureate, the master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and the Environmental Design program. We have approximately 140 students and about thirty of them are graduates. We have three campuses, in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. In 2012, I was offered a full time position, I have been teaching here for eight years. About four years ago they granted me the permanence and last year, they appointed me director of the urban extension department. My specialty and research are in the urban environment, the issues of self-management, and community design ”, said the architect, who for eight years also taught in Columbia University, In New York.

Alomar was selected through a voting process by his colleagues, in which he competed alongside two other candidates. The combination of his research and the courses he teaches in Basic Design, Community Design and the final construction course were determining factors, as it is a position of great responsibility, much more so now when facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, he is in charge of program development in eight urban centers in New Jersey.

In 2006, he had the opportunity to visit Japan to educate himself on the Kyoto University of Art and Design, where he learned innovative techniques that have been passed down through 16 generations of gardeners. The agronomist was also extremely grateful for the training acquired in the Mayagüez campus of the main Puerto Rican public educational center.

“The education I received at the College was not only phenomenal, but also unique. It was better than any education abroad, because, personally, it implied mastering the difficulty of the courses and that created an intellectual discipline for me that I have not received anywhere else, “he added.

For his part, Dr. Jorge Haddock, the president of the UPR, stressed that Professor Alomar is an example of the academic excellence that distinguishes the main educational center in Puerto Rico.

“In the university community we are proud of the achievements made by Professor Alomar on a personal and professional level, for the benefit of the community. His triumph is an example of what can be achieved when talent, discipline and the maximum development of knowledge come together. We wish him every success, ”said Haddock.

Likewise, Dr. Agustín Rullán Toro, rector of the RUM, congratulated Professor Alomar for the important achievement in his academic and professional performance as a member of that prestigious university institution.

“I am very proud of the appointment of this collegiate who has excelled in the field of architecture and who was selected by his own colleagues to occupy a position of such relevance in Rutgers University. Similarly, we highlight their selfless collaboration worldwide and, above all, with Puerto Rico by supporting large-scale community projects. This is indicative that it did not forget the country that formed it. Congratulations, “he said.

In addition to his professional and academic accomplishments, Alomar is president of Urban sketchers, a global community made up of approximately 200 thousand people, who are active on social platforms and design spaces according to the places where they reside and the needs that exist. She has been a member of that entity since 2011 and has participated in international meetings in the Netherlands, England, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, Portugal, China and Japan. She currently resides in New York and frequently visits the island and collaborates with the community project Centro de Apoyo Mutuo (CAM) in Las Carolinas, in Caguas.

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