May 14, 2021

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Guayanilla receives an advance of $ 5 million for demolition of structures affected by earthquakes

The municipality of Guayanilla received an advance of 5 million dollars, of a total allocation of $ 10,454,000.00 by the Department of Housing that the Board of Fiscal Supervision (JSF) approved (JSF), for the demolition of structures damaged by the earthquake of the January 7 and subsequent aftershocks.

The allocation was disbursed through the Housing Department, Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán reported in written statements, indicating that a first phase of inspections of affected properties has already been carried out during the months of January and February 2020.

Given the recent approval and initial transfer, the municipality has already begun the phase of visits to request documents that allow to establish the eligibility of the affected families who wish to participate in this program.

In the case of this municipality, where there are 809 units that were identified as uninhabitable, the personnel in charge of the inspections had labeled them with red labeling, a mark indicating greater damage.

“In these first two weeks we have already completed the documents to file the first We have 30 that in coordination with FEMA will be submitted cases ready to submit next week,” said the municipal executive of Guayanilla while detailing that, “the $ 5 million They may be used exclusively in demolition work in all its phases that entail, environmental and demolition permits, handling of materials, specialized studies if required and the handling and disposal of debris ”.

The mayor pointed out that, as a starting point for the work in these first identified units, visits to the owners have already begun to request from them the information and documents required by the agencies.

“It has been a tireless and incessant process, and we are not going to allow María (hurricane) to happen because more than two years ago there are still homes with awnings,” said an energetic Torres Yordán, explaining that once the first phase begins Of the demolition works of these structures, they hope to complete them quickly to continue with the demolition of the subsequent structures progressively.

Guayanilla was one of the towns hardest hit by the earthquakes that, as of January this year, shook the southern coast of the island with the greatest magnitude among the municipalities from Ponce to Yauco.

There have been earthquakes with intensity of up to 6.4 degrees on the Richter seismological scale that destroyed hundreds of residences, commercial buildings, government facilities and collapsed the bicentennial Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepción, located in front of the playground of this coastal municipality south.

“We have started a new era in our history as a people where we will exalt that we are a resilient people. That despite the tough battles and trials of life we ​​are and will be standing, showing that our fighting spirit is not daunted. That is why we are going to collect what was damaged, what was broken, and we are going to build the new resilient town of Guayanilla, ”said Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán.

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