April 17, 2021

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Guayanillenses are not afraid of the storm

Roberto Torres passed Hurricane María at his home in the El Faro community in Guayanilla and although the memory still shakes him, he insists that he feels safe there.

This despite the fact that the earthquakes lowered the terrain of the sector and since then the sea has settled around their homes and when it rains heavily the residences are flooded.

However, he assures that this does not take away his sleep while observing the environment in the face of storm Laura. [19659002] “It has been calm, the mayor came to tell us where the shelters were and that, but at least everything has been calm, the swell has not been seen rising and we are waiting to see what happens in the rest of the day . For now I'm not leaving … I feel safe ", he confessed.

" Everyone has a different opinion, but at least I feel calm, I feel safe in my house. I passed María here and she was quite strong… we stayed. The river exploded from that side towards here and ran through the whole patio, but thank God nothing happened to us at that time and we are that this time it will be the same ”, he insisted.

He also described his way of deciphering when the situation becomes dangerous.

“When the water rises on the side of the road because it leaves here (towards the house). It is a little difficult for us to go out, but my compadre has heavy equipment and we can go out in it ”, he said.

For her part, Roberto's mother admitted that she gets scared every time bad weather comes, but she stays for accompany his son.

“I am always more scared, he is my son and I am always more scared because I live alone and the sea water also reaches the patio in my house. I feel worried, but I am going to stay here with him because for Maria I also stayed here with him and now, I have brought my little things and I am staying here with him, ”said the woman who has been in the community for three years.

Meanwhile, Roberto pointed out that he did not secure the structure because he thinks its condition “is quite good.”

“We also have a power plant, that is, we are prepared. Waiting for it to start to rain to make the ham soups to spend the afternoon, even if the water runs down the street, "he said with a smile.

In the same way, another neighbor of the Lighthouse said.

" Here is everything calm… the only thing is that if it gets a little sick I'll go to Las Quebradas, because the other storm (Isaías) was stronger and we stayed here, ”said José Santiago.

The attitude of these Guayanillenses is not very different from other neighbors who prefer to stay at home, even if they are in areas prone to overflows.

“The vast majority move and right now we have seven refugees at the Gloria Borrero school. What happens is that, for many of them, since this is not a hurricane but a tropical storm, they don't really take it as seriously as it deserves. We understand that since many of them the houses endure María, people understand that the phenomenon will not directly affect the wind, but rather it is a phenomenon of water ", explained Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán.

" We always do what we do is that we arrive and in the case where there are minors, then the Police intervene, "he added, mentioning that they are attentive to other communities such as Boca, La Playa and Playita in Magas Arriba, among others that are vulnerable to flooding. [19659017]

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