August 1, 2021

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Guaynabo bets on improvements in the San Patricio Village

New sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian crossings and lighting poles are part of the improvements to the San Patricio Village shopping area in Guaynabo, which will begin on October 26, Mayor Ángel Pérez Otero and engineer Adolfo “Tito” reported today González, president of Empresas Caparra.

As indicated, the project will have an investment of $ 2.2 million, and will provide greater pedestrian mobility and vehicular flow in the area.

In addition to pedestrians and drivers, sidewalks will be rehabilitated so that cyclists can move unhindered along the route.

The project, in charge of the company GVG Builders, will last approximately 14 months. The first phase will begin on González Giusti avenue.

“Our municipality promotes those public-private alliances that improve our infrastructure and promote our economic development. Our policy is to be an ally of commerce and for our city to be the economic center of Puerto Rico with projects that improve the experience of our residents and visitors and stimulate new private investment in the municipality, ”the mayor said in written statements.

“We are pleased to announce the beginning of this project that will be of great benefit and utility to everyone. Continuing to invest and strengthen the San Patricio Village concept ensures that we can offer better experiences to our guests within a comfortable, modern and welcoming environment. All works will be carried out in an orderly manner so as not to affect the operations of our tenants and merchants in the area. During the Christmas season there will be a break from the construction work, because we know that there are peak days when the traffic flow and the number of people who visit us is much higher, “said engineer González.

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