June 14, 2021

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Guidance on the second round of the $ 600 Economic Impact Payment

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Puerto Rico – The Secretary of the Department of Finance, Francisco Parés Alicea and his work team, the Undersecretary Ángel Pantoja and the Assistant Secretary of Internal Revenue, Roxanna Santiago, guided this afternoon -through a Facebook Live- on the second round of the Payment of Economic Impact of $ 600 and a possible additional stipend of $ 2,000.

Parés Alicea explained that just 10 hours after the approval of the $ 600 economic stimulus for individuals, couples and dependents under 17 years of age, the Treasury already had a Distribution Plan for it.

As reported, 2.8 million residents of Puerto Rico will benefit and the database that they were able to compile with the CARES Act economic stimulus payment will be used, which will simplify the distribution process, if the layout plan submitted.

The assistant secretary of Internal Revenue, Roxanna Santiago, clarified that in the new plan the economic stimulus can only be distributed to those who filed their application with the 2019 return. Those who filed it with the 2018 return will have until January 15, 2021 to file -with an extension- their 2019 return. Otherwise, they will not be eligible for financial aid of $ 600.

On the other hand, the resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, connected to Facebook Live to corroborate that yesterday a stipend of $ 2,000 -additional to $ 600- was approved in the federal Chamber and that it is being considered today. in the federal Senate.

If approved, not only would individuals, couples, and dependents under 17 years of age benefit, but those dependents over 17 and / or university graduates could be eligible.

On the first economic stimulus of $ 1,200

The Secretary of the Treasury stressed that thousands of eligible people have not yet received their first economic stimulus of $ 1,200 due to technical or operational factors.

As he explained, one of the reasons was that 13,000 people reported an incorrect bank account or route and did not update it on the page of the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI).

On the other hand, Parés Alicea indicated that 4,500 checks were returned by the mail system for addresses that could not be located.

The assistant secretary for Internal Revenue, Roxanna Santiago, recommended that people who have had problems with their bank information update it on the SURI platform in a link that appears for these purposes.

Likewise, he advised those who opted for the option of receiving the check by mail and have not yet received it, to write a message through SURI stating that they have not received it so that the Treasury can confirm that they did indeed receive the check back and they can make the correction of the postal address.

Parés Alicea reported that the date for the Treasury to make payments of $ 1,200 expires on December 31, although it clarified that if you have already made your request and have not received your check on that date, you can communicate through SURI so that the reason for the delay and your check or deposit can be delivered as soon as possible.

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