July 30, 2021

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Gunshot wounded driving to hospital but dies in Humacao

Photo: Visualhunt

HUMACAO – A murder was reported at about 3:56 am on Saturday, in the urban area in Humacao.

According to the preliminary report, a man wounded by a gunshot arrived driving the Toyota Corolla vehicle to the HIMA San Pablo hospital in Humacao and died while receiving medical assistance.

The subject has not been identified at the moment. It is also not known where the incident occurred.

Agent Joel De Jesús, from the Homicide Division of the Humacao Criminal Investigation Corps and prosecutor Lenabel Alvarado are investigating.

Citizens are encouraged to communicate with the Police confidentially if they know information about this crime through 787-343-2020 and 787-852-1224 extension 1610. You can also keep in touch through Twitter at @PRPDNoticias and on Facebook www.facebook / prpdgov.

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