June 14, 2021

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Hacienda offers details on disbursements of $ 600 | government

The Secretary of the Treasury, Francisco Parés, will provide details on the phases of the disbursement of the $ 600 of the Economic Impact Payment and how federal employees could obtain the incentive.

Also, he answered why less than $ 600 was reflected in your bank account.

Parés stressed that they will make hundreds of thousands of consecutive payments, almost daily, during the coming weeks and that they will be reflected in the bank accounts of citizens, as they are processed by the different financial institutions.

Most people eligible for this extra help, as required by federal law, will receive it directly into their bank accounts without having to do any paperwork through the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI) or at the Department.

In addition, there is a link available in SURI only for those people who changed the bank accounts where they received the $ 1,200, either as a result of the recent merger between two banks or because they opened new accounts. The link is also available for those who received the first payment of $ 1,200 by check and want to receive the additional $ 600 by direct deposit.

It is not necessary to register in SURI to change the account number. It is accessed through the link Payment of Federal Economic Impact that is on the main page suri.hacienda.pr.gov and then the option Update your Account Information. If you need assistance, write through the Suri Assistance link also found on the SURI home page.

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