July 24, 2021

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Hacienda To Send Another Round Of $1,200 Payments

Governor Wanda Vázquez reported the issuance of new million-dollar payments of $1,200, approved under the CARES Act, to assist citizens affected by the COVID-19 emergency.

“During the first half of July, we have paid $186,043,961 of the Economic Stimulus incentive to 139,883 additional families. We remain focused on sending payments as quickly as possible. With these disbursements, $2,442,805,957 in payments of $1,200 have already been sent to 1,661,683 families in Puerto Rico, since the process began in May,” said the governor in written statements.

For his part, the secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea, reiterated that the goal in the Department is to complete the disbursement of this aid by July 31. “We are issuing federal aid payments every week and in the remainder of the month, we are going to send the corresponding payments to some 500,000 people, including a group of 400,000 Social Security recipients,” added the secretary. As disbursements of the various grants continue, the Department is also handling claims from individuals who have not received their incentive or who did not receive it in full, as determined.

“We started a process of orientation and claims for all people who have not yet received their payment of $1,200 or the amount they understand corresponds to them, according to their family composition. For this process, we are using the SURI digital platform, with easy access, for citizens to provide their information,” said the official.

Individuals who have doubts about their payment, as established in the Circular Letter of Internal Revenue 20-30, must access SURI and submit their information in the Claim Payment of Economic Impact.

Parés Alicea explained that individuals who have doubts about the amount of aid received should submit their claim within 30 days of having received the Economic Impact Payment or the publication date of the CCRI 20-30, available through www.hacienda.pr.gov Publications section of the Internal Revenue Area.

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